How to make a monetary donation

Mail Checks to:

Cabin Critters Rescue

1088 Mead McNeer Rd.

Wheelersburg, OH 45694

How to make quick and easy donations by shopping

We have joined the following sites where you can help us earn some money simply by using their services. And these are probably the easiest and quickest way to donate. Most of the times the donation is usually about 0.5% of eligible purchases and is sent to us on a quarterly basis. Every little bit helps and we really appreciate it!

sign up for Amazon Smiles

Click on the image to the left (make sure you are logged into your Amazon Account). Search for "Cabin Critters Rescue" and then select them.

You're set!

sign up for kroger community rewards

Coming soon!

How to donate physical items

If you are interested in donating items towards the rescue and would like to know what to donate, we have created an Amazon Wishlist to help give ideas of what we're looking for. If you would like to donate directly to us, feel free to contact us.

We accept donations via our Amazon Wishlist!

Shop with Chewy?

We are now partnered with Chewy! You can purchase anything from our wish list and it will go directly to our shelter to help our furry little friends.

Chewy is a great resource to order anything you need for your pet and have it sent directly to you at home. Create an account now and start ordering today! It will help us earn $15 once you place your first order.

Wishlist & goals

We are always looking for the following items:

  • Unopened Dog Food / Cat Food

  • Unopened Treats

  • Kitty Litter / Litter Pans

  • Old Towels, Sheets or Rags

  • Pet Toys

  • Leashes and Collars (old and new is acceptable)

  • Metal Food Bowls

  • Pet Beds

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Carriers of Various Sizes

  • Office Supplies

  • Old Newspapers

Some of our small goals include:

  • Transport First Aid Kits (for both animal and human)

  • Elevated Beds for the Dogs

  • MicroChips for Our Rescues

  • Medicine & Shots

Some of our BIG goals include:

  • Storage Shed ACCOMPLISHED!!

  • Building/Property ACCOMPLISHED!!

  • New Roof / Add-ons for the Shelter IN PROGRESS!!

  • Transport Vehicle

  • Tag-Neuter-Return Program for Local Cats In Select Areas

  • Pet Pantry

  • Vet Assistance Programs